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There’s a whiff of juniper in the air, recently, as small craft distilleries and consumers are re-discovering the pleasures of this ancient spirit: gin.  A drink that many may have associated with their parents or grandparents is gaining a new reputation, moving out from beneath the shadow of giant corporations in their monotonous style, and […]


Happy New Year from New York Distilling Company! 2010 has been incredibly busy for us – mostly behind the scenes – and we’re excited about everything to come in 2011! A quick recap of our year: We found a fantastic space in Williamsburg, and after months of planning and permit-acquiring, we’ve broken ground and are […]



New: Weekend Tours!
Open Mon 6-12; Tues–Fri 6-2; Sat 3-2; Sun 3-12.
Free Tastings & Tours: Sat & Sun from 3-5 pm.
Live Music: Saturday & Sunday at 4pm.

PERRY’S TOT– Navy Strength Gin and DOROTHY PARKER– American Gin are available in stores!

Visiting the Distillery

Click the map for directions and contact info.