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December 5th is an historic and special date in local and national history. This year it will mark the one-year anniversary of the New York Distilling Company and its cocktail bar, the Shanty. Nationally, December 5th commemorates the 79th anniversary of Repeal Day. It was on that date in 1933 that Utah ratified the 21st […]


The Spirits of Warwick

February 22, 2011 by

While waiting for our still to arrive from Germany, and getting the Shanty ready to receive it, we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to escape the bustle of the city and hone our recipe with our friends & partners at Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery. Led by Jason Grizzanti and Jeremy Kidde, and started […]


Work on the Shanty has been moving at a terrific pace, and our contractor Rob Herschenfeld is making sure the Shanty will be in prime shape when our still arrives in March. Rob is unique in that he really knows the Williamsburg neighborhood; he’s been a resident for 20 years, and most of his building […]


There’s a whiff of juniper in the air, recently, as small craft distilleries and consumers are re-discovering the pleasures of this ancient spirit: gin.  A drink that many may have associated with their parents or grandparents is gaining a new reputation, moving out from beneath the shadow of giant corporations in their monotonous style, and […]


Happy New Year from New York Distilling Company! 2010 has been incredibly busy for us – mostly behind the scenes – and we’re excited about everything to come in 2011! A quick recap of our year: We found a fantastic space in Williamsburg, and after months of planning and permit-acquiring, we’ve broken ground and are […]



New: Weekend Tours!
Open Mon 6-12; Tues–Fri 6-2; Sat 3-2; Sun 3-12.
Free Tastings & Tours: Sat & Sun from 3-5 pm.
Live Music: Saturday & Sunday at 4pm.

PERRY’S TOT– Navy Strength Gin and DOROTHY PARKER– American Gin are available in stores!

Visiting the Distillery

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