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Our CARL StillA distillery grows in Brooklyn.

The dream and challenge of creating a functioning distillery in urban New York is nothing new. The earliest distilleries in Brooklyn, for example, date back to the 1700′s. During Prohibition, there were supposedly over 50,000 illicit stills in New York City (a one-gallon still costing $6 dollars at most local hardware stores) to quench the citizens’ thirst as much as the hooch that was smuggled across borders. Since Prohibition however the ethereal perfumes of distillation have largely been absent.

The New York Distilling Company builds on this dream by establishing one of the nation’s premiere craft distilleries. Our aim is to create products and brands of exceeding quality and originality, building on an American cocktail heritage firmly in its second Golden Age.

You will see our GINS in the marketplace today while we distill, tinker, and – most important – appropriately age our AMERICAN RYE. Our commitment is to use the most sustainably produced ingredients in all of our spirits and whenever possible to feature grains and other ingredients grown in New York State.

We look forward to sharing these products with you as well as our magnificent distillery. See you at the Shanty!



New: Weekend Tours!
Open Mon 6-12; Tues–Fri 6-2; Sat 3-2; Sun 3-12.
Free Tastings & Tours: Sat & Sun from 3-5 pm.
Live Music: Saturday & Sunday at 4pm.

PERRY’S TOT– Navy Strength Gin and DOROTHY PARKER– American Gin are available in stores!

Visiting the Distillery

Click the map for directions and contact info.